The world is built on powerful stories.

A well-crafted story motivates and inspires us to take a journey. Whether that journey begins from the comfort of a cinema seat or from a piece of carefully branded media content caught from the corner of our eye, the story is always central. Our thirst for entertaining narrative has been with us ever since the first tribal hunters bragged about their prowess with bow and arrow around the smoldering campfire embers. We crave story, we need it, and at CrazyDarkMoon we deliver it…

Creating Content

From branded content to social media advertising campaigns to feature-length movies, television shows and documentaries, Crazy Dark Moon will meet your production requirements in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Our production team has combined knowledge acquired from years working in both the entertainment and corporate space.



CrazyDarkMoon offer production and marketing solutions that combine global standards with local technical industry expertise, ensuring the most cost effective solution when creating content.


Script writing / Story boards / Creative directing and development


Corporate Videos / Tourism Promos / Property Videos / Branded Content


Music Videos / TV Commercials / Fashion & Lifestyle Videos


Feature films / TV Series / Documentary



CEO, Writer, Producer

Originally from the UK, Matt Rickard is a film-maker living in Thailand. He spent 18 years working in the technology sector for various software startups, with work experience in business development and management across the Asia Pacific region. In 2012 he made a decision to dedicate professional time to writing and production, following the release of a documentary he wrote and produced. At CrazyDarkMoon Matt’s responsibility is both as a creative and to facilitate the growth and expansion of the business. He is also an active social entrepreneur having designed and launched a number of programs in South East Asia.


Co-founder, Writer, Producer

James, originally from London, studied Business and Finance and Media Arts before embarking on a five-year career in the London financial markets. After a six month sabbatical in South East Asia 2001, Newman fell in love with the region and decided to up sticks and move to the Far East where he carved out an admirable career as a novelist, journalist, publisher, playwright, and film-maker. James, who has published over a 100 stories around the world, became interested in film after selling the option on his third novel and has since concentrated on writing screenplays, producing films, and generally promoting the creative arts in the region.


Actress, Model, Dancer

Kate was born and raised in Thailand, and as a young girl, she was always interested in dancing and entertaining. In her early 20’s she started modeling with a growing passion for acting, it was not long before she was being cast in roles in both local and Hollywood movies filmed in Thailand. As Kate’s connections in the industry grew she acted as a personal assistant for number of VIP visitors including Hollywood stars, sports personalities, and rock musicians. Kate has a zest for life and loves traveling and meeting new people. She continues to be cast in movies and is also involved in film production. When Kate is not working she enjoys Thai boxing, traveling, and horse riding.



Theo’s focus is on building a great underlying business for Crazy Dark Moon to bring our projects to the big, little, and tiniest screens. A Dutchman, he’s spent the past 18 years working in technology and entertainment companies in the United States and Southeast Asia. Most recently, Theo was the Chief Executive Officer of Helix Leisure, a global business delivering payment technology to theme parks and other entertainment venues. In his spare time, knitting and stamp-collecting are the notable exceptions as the two things he does not enjoy exploring and learning about.


Here at Crazy Dark Moon, we hold a passion for innovation, brilliant ideas and the execution that brings them all together in one beautiful experience.